About Me

 Artists Statement
   As a child I loved to draw and paint and at school I excelled in the subject. After leaving school, I attended the Southgate College in London and studied dress design and manufacture and worked in that field in London upon leaving.

I then spent a period travelling Europe, settling in Germany for a good many years before moving on to Southern Spain.  It was here that I studied under the well-known British artist Noel Gregory. I found that I was inspired by the scenery in Spain and began to paint landscapes and seascapes. Since then I have discovered many other subjects that I am drawn to paint.

   I have since 2007, turned my attention to painting small daily paintings and learning and growing as an artist. My focus is painting alla prima, incorporating looser more expressive brush work although I like to intersperse these with their opposite, very tight, precise paintings, mirroring my personality. I have also found my love of portraiture of both people and animals and the challenge of not only portraying their likeness but also their personalities.

My world of creating is a roller coaster of emotions, demanding, all-consuming and a constant challenge and I love it!
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